These are unsolicited comments from people who have been on one of my tours.

“Thanks John. Your knowledge and humour has made this a very memorable trip” Mel

“Terrific organisation and a great programme.”

“Many thanks for a wonderful guided tour and looking after everyone with such goodwill.”

“A really lovely trip, John. Thanks for being such a great leader.”

“It’s been a great tour John and you are a superb sheepdog.”
Ron and Sylvia

“Thanks so much John. Just as good as last time. Maybe even better!”
(from Rod & Carmel, a couple who went on the European tour twice)

“Thanks for your help and thinking up this wonderful trip”

“It’s been mega fun. Thanks” Jan

“Happy days and happy memories”

“Unfailingly courteous and knowledgable - a pleasure”

“Thanks for all your help. A terrific tour”

“Thanks for all the extra help. A great trip”

“The trip exceeded my expectations” Sue

I am humbled by these comments, but ask you to bear in mind when choosing a tour that the leader’s knowledge and experience can make all the difference between a tour and the experience of a lifetime.